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“Fracking” doesn’t apply to just drilling for oil anymore!  For those who don’t already know, “fracking,” which is short for Fracturing, is a technique whereby a highly pressurized fluid is pumped into the ground to break up, or fracture, the layers of rock trapping oil deep within, thereby making it easier to extract the oil from the earth by pumping it from the well.  Regardless of your political views or concerns about the environmental safety of “fracking” for oil, read on and you will see that when it comes to liposuction, “Fat Fracking™” is the way to go!

We’ve taken a lesson from the oil industry and come up with an even better way to “extract” the fat from beneath the skin during liposuction procedures.  The last great advance in liposuction was the “tumescent technique” in which fluid is injected beneath the skin to help mobilize the fat and decrease the blood loss associated with the procedure.  Even still, we often experienced greater blood loss than desired, a lot of bruising and swelling, and contour irregularities from uneven removal of the fat.   This is large because once the fluid was injected, all that was done was to insert the liposuction cannula, the smooth metal tube that actually removes the fat from beneath the skin, and begin suctioning the fat by moving it back and forth.  Although done that way the procedure is still safe and produces very good results, it still allows for a significant amount of damage to small blood vessels and nerves resulting in greater blood loss than desired, pain, swelling, and bruising.  Enter “Fat Fracking™.”  With this technique, we still inject the fluid beneath the skin, but before we insert the cannula to remove the fat by suction, we first insert a special device that helps to safely break up, or fracture, the fat without suction, thus “fracking” the fat.  Then, when the cannula with the suction is inserted, the fractured fat is more easily and preferentially removed, and there is much less injury to blood vessels and other tissues, resulting in less bleeding, bruising, and swelling.  It also makes for more accurate removal of the fat, especially superficially beneath the skin, and thus we can achieve smoother contours and better shape.

Another thing that is significant about the Fat Fracking™ technique is that it directly compares to other available technologies for breaking up fat during liposuction.  Various laser-assisted technologies like SmartLipo, Cool Lipo, Lipo Zap, Slim Lipo, and others, ultrasonic liposuctions technologies like VASER and UAL, and hydro jet liposuction all are designed with the same idea in mind – to break up fat beneath the skin before applying suction to the tissue to remove it.  The problem with most of these other technologies is that they also come with some downsides.  In addition to requiring specialized equipment which often adds to the price, most of these technologies work by generating heat in the tissues to break them up.  This can cause severe burns, and I have actually seen several instances in which these burns have occurred resulting in permanent disfigurement.  With Fat Fracking™ this will not occur because no heat is generated and only standard liposuction equipment is necessary.  Fat Fracking™ can produce the same results without the added risks.

Since its introduction in the 1970s liposuction has undergone a number of changes and improvements, but who would ever think that we would steal an idea from the oil industry for the next great advance in the safe removal of fat!

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