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What is a Thigh Lift?

A thigh lift removes excess skin that causes the thighs to look overly wrinkled or crepey. This appearance is often the result of significant weight loss, a procedure that removes fat, or simple aging. A thigh lift has the ability to provide smoother, tighter, more contoured thighs, which improves self-image and confidence. 

Best Thigh Lift Benefits

  • Improved appearance for the thighs
  • Improved comfort in daily activities
  • Improved hygiene 
  • Reduced skin irritation and rashes
  • Enhanced self-image and confidence
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Best Thigh Lift Candidates

If you’re interested in a thigh lift in Virginia Beach, it may be the perfect procedure for you. The best thigh lift patients are those who:

  • Are bothered by the wrinkled or crepey appearance of their thighs
  • Have excess soft tissue along their inner thighs
  • Are at or near to their goal weight
  • Have lost weight through diet or bariatric surgery
  • Do not have any medical conditions that may impair healing
  • Are non-smokers in overall good health
  • Fully understand the thigh lift procedure, risks, and recovery
  • Have realistic expectations for what a thigh lift can do

I can’t say enough great things about this doctor. He is a perfectionist. He has years of experience, and with that comes knowledge of a variety of techniques as well as expertise. He stays up-to-date on the latest technologies, is gentle, kind and he really cares. I will not hesitate to return to him for any further procedures, and I highly recommend him. 

Vic K.

Our Approach to the Thigh Lift

At Dr. G Plastic Surgery, a thigh lift can be done either with surgery or with BodyTite™, a radiofrequency-based procedure. 


During the surgical approach, which is performed under general anesthesia, Dr. G will utilize one of several techniques, including:

  • Vertical thigh lift: Addresses the inner thigh and knee area 
  • Outer or lateral thigh lift: Addresses the upper part of the outer thighs 
  • Medial or inner thigh lift: Removes and tightens excessive skin on the upper inner thigh


If Dr. G thinks that a non-surgical approach is better for your needs, BodyTite will be used. This procedure typically only requires local anesthesia and melts fat, coagulates blood vessels, and tightens the skin all at the same time.  

Dr. G will create very small incisions to allow the BodyTite probe to enter, where it will deliver radiofrequency heat energy into the tissues. The probe also passes over the skin externally in order to kick-start brand-new collagen production, which will plump and firm the skin.

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Your Thigh Lift Recovery 

A surgical thigh lift requires 2-3 weeks of recovery time, with about one week off of work, during which time you will need to wear a compression garment. There will be some swelling, tenderness, discomfort, and bruising, and vigorous activity will need to be avoided for two weeks. 

A BodyTite thigh lift requires about ten days of recovery time, and typically also requires a compression garment. BodyTite can achieve 35%-50% skin tightening, but the results are very gradual. Although you will see some results around three months, final results take six months to appear. 

One of the Best Thigh Lifts in Virginia Beach

Not only are body procedures one of our primary services at Dr. G Plastic Surgery; in addition, our passion is making our patients happy. This means that we go above and beyond in providing an exceptional patient experience. Our patients can contact us 24/7. Dr. G does his own pre-op, post-op, consults, and follow-ups, while practice manager and patient Advocate Eva Tutic provides emotional support for the excitement, anxiety, doubts, and worries that often come along with undergoing cosmetic procedures. In addition, we provide patients with a list of everything that they’ll need for preparation and recovery. If you’re interested in achieving some of the best thigh lift results in Virginia Beach, we welcome you to book a consultation with Dr. G.

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