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Finding the Right Breast Lift for You

There are a number of different techniques to achieve exceptional results with a breast lift in Virginia Beach—and one of the most important things that Dr. G will do during your consultation is to carefully assess your breasts and discuss the options that would be most appropriate for you. Breast procedures are one of our main services, and Dr. G has many, many happy patients in this procedure.

Best Breast Lift Benefits

  • Provide volume for the tops of your breasts where volume has been lost
  • Provide symmetry for breasts that are different in position, shape, and/or size
  • Tighten excess loose skin on the breasts
  • Correct breast tissue that has migrated downward
  • Correct the placement of nipples that are positioned very low
  • Achieve a perky, lifted appearance for the breasts
  • Enhance self-image, confidence, and quality of life
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Best Breast Lift Candidates

If you’re looking for a mastopexy in Virginia Beach, Dr. G is the perfect surgeon for your aesthetic goals. Those who make the best breast lift patients are individuals who: 

  • Are bothered by the sagginess, position, or lack of volume of their breasts
  • Are not planning to have any more children
  • Are at or close to their goal weight
  • Are non-smokers in overall good health
  • Fully understand the breast lift procedure, risks, and recovery process
  • Are realistic about what a breast lift can accomplish

Why Choose a Breast Lift in Virginia Beach?

A breast lift is best for women who don’t necessarily want larger breasts; they simply want their breasts to be at an improved, higher position, or to have a fuller shape. Through the years, a number of factors can change a woman’s breasts. 

Pregnancy and breastfeeding, weight gain, and the simple force of gravity with age can all cause stretching and relaxation of not only the skin of the breasts, but also the internal supporting ligaments that keep young, firm breasts in position with a full shape.

Fortunately, in the vast majority of these cases, a breast lift (mastopexy) can reverse these changes and achieve a more youthful, full, and lifted appearance for the breasts.  

Dr. G is the best plastic surgeon in San Diego! I went to him for a breast procedure after having my first two children, and loved the results! He was patient and kind and listened to what I wanted to accomplish. I was amazed at the end result. As my husband says, he is an artist! Dr. G is amazing at his craft, loves what he does, and treats his patients like family. I would never go to anyone else! 

Suzanne A.

What to Expect During

a Breast Lift Surgery

Your breast lift in Virginia Beach with Dr. G does precisely what its name says: it lifts the breasts. Dr. G achieves this by removing excess skin to achieve a perkier, firmer, more improved appearance.

When a breast lift is surgical, it’s performed with the patient under general anesthesia and takes anywhere between 2-5 hours if being performed on its own, depending upon the specific type of lift being done and the degree of change required. The goal of a breast lift is to remove the excess, stretched-out breast skin, re-shape the breast tissue, and adjust the areola and nipple if needed. 

Dr. G will make an incision with either the anchor technique, the lollipop technique, the crescent technique, or the donut technique. The right type of incision for you will be decided and discussed during your consultation. Using the incision, Dr. G will remove excess skin and lift the breast tissue to a higher position on the chest, followed by shaping of the breast tissue. Some patients also require resizing of overly large areolas. In many instances, breast implants are also placed—even if just small ones to create some fullness in the breasts. Once this has been completed, he will tighten the remaining skin and close the incisions. You will be fitted with a surgical bra, which you will need to wear as long as Dr. G advises you to do so. 

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Your Breast Lift Recovery

Recovery from a surgical breast lift in Virginia Beach typically takes 1-2 weeks. Every patient will heal differently, but you will likely experience swelling, bruising, and soreness for about one week following the procedure. Keep your incisions as clean as possible, and closely follow Dr. G’s instructions about getting them wet. During recovery, avoid putting any pressure on your chest. This includes sleeping on your stomach or sides. Instead, use pillows to prop yourself up in bed, or sleep in a recliner. In addition, do no exercise until Dr. G says you may, and don’t lift anything heavier than a gallon of water. 

Non-Surgical Breast Lift

Sometimes the best breast lift is a non-surgical one. If you want to get a lift for your breasts but don’t want to undergo surgery, there are also minimally invasive options available. Many patients undergo the BodyTite™ breast lift, which uses radiofrequency-assisted lipolysis to firm and lift sagging breast tissue. There are no scars, and downtime is very minimal. Results from a BodyTite breast lift will take a few months to stabilize, but will be long-lasting.

The BodyTite breast lift procedure is performed with the patient under general or local anesthesia and takes 1-2 hours. Dr. G will create tiny incisions in the breasts, and will then insert the BodyTite device into the treatment area. The BodyTite device goes to work using radiofrequency heat energy to tighten and lift the tissue. The BodyTite device also has an electrode that passes over the external breast skin for additional tightening and firming.

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Why Choose Dr. G for a Breast Lift?

There is so much that we do that sets us apart from other aesthetic practices. Patients can contact us 24/7, and we go the extra mile with providing post-care instructions. We provide patients with a list of everything they need for a procedure (to prepare and for recovery). Manager Eva Tutic provides emotional support for the excitement, anxiety, doubts, and worries that often come along with undergoing cosmetic procedures, and Dr. G himself does his own pre-op, post-op, consults, and follow-ups. If you’re interested in getting the best breast lift in Virginia Beach, we encourage you to book a consultation with us today.

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