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What is the Microcannula Technique?

The microcannula technique uses an insertion device that is dull-tipped and flexible to administer injections rather than the traditional needle, which is sharp-tipped and straight. This results in less bruising, less pain, less potential issues post-op, and a much more even spread of the filler.

Main Advantages 

The microcannula’s flexibility and blunt tip offer the following advantages over the traditional needle:

  • It is easier to maneuver 
  • More accuracy
  • Faster, less painful treatments
  • Little to no bruising and swelling
  • Less bleeding 
  • No needle tracks where fillers can leak out
  • Side effects are very rare
  • Much less likely to pierce the blood vessels 
  • The microcannula triggers new collagen production
  • Smoother and more natural results, as the filler is injected more smoothly 
General background

Dr. G: Respected Leader in Injection Techniques

At Dr. G Plastic Surgery, one of our main services is non-invasive facial treatments such as cosmetic injections. Dr. G has been widely regarded for his safe and effective injection techniques, and is a registered ExpertInjector™, a Key Opinion Leader for dermal filler vendors, and faculty member of PALETTE®—a national workshop faculty that teaches advanced injection techniques to other surgeons and medical professionals.

There’s a learning curve involved with using cannulas, but for those injectors who have gone that extra mile, I think it really helps avoid a lot of the problems that we have when we use needles.

Dr. G

How Does the Microcannula Technique Work?

Once your skin has been cleansed and numbed, a regular small-gauge needle will be used to make an access point for the microcannula to enter. Once the entry point has been created, the microcannula is then inserted into that access point and moved along the natural planes of your skin tissue. Dr. G will be able to administer dermal filler into different areas with that one single access point, as opposed to multiple injections with a needle.  

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Why Choose Dr. G Plastic Surgery?

Dr. G Plastic Surgery is a very hands-on practice that offers patients many advantages over other practices. Besides Dr. G’s superior microcannula technique, we provide a complete patient-centric experience, with 24/7 assistance and complete honesty about every treatment. 

Dr. Joseph Grzeskiewicz (“Dr. G”)’s work philosophy is based on love, care, and dedication. Specializing in cosmetic rejuvenation from head to toe, board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. G—along with his experienced staff—has a mission of ensuring that each patient loves their results.

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